Abridged Mental Health Facilitator Curriculum

Schedule-Friendly Community Helping Skills Curriculum for all Audiences

  • "As an EMT, this training is very important for me because [it is] my job to help others."
    – Marco Balan, Teacher, EMT, Singer, Worship Leader, MHF; Haiti

MHF-ASAP! Curriculum Focus Areas

In one training day, MHF-ASAP! prepares community- and organization-based helpers to:

  •  Address core topics in mental stress, distress and disorder.
  •  Connect local potential, needs and resources.
  •  Encourage choice with empathy, integrity and respect for diversity.
  •  Identify the five signs of mental illness.*

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*The MHF curricula encompass the five signs of emotional suffering promoted by the campaign. Recognizing signs of personality change, agitation, withdrawal, poor self-care, and hopelessness is infused into the curricula.